Jan 18, 2012

#Kitteh366 Days 15, 16 & 17

I went out for shoot with the boyfriend last Sunday and saw these bears outside painted to represent countries of the world. Pretty cute.

And of course, I was incredibly in close proximity to Sephora. I have never went into a Sephora and not come out with a bag of something. Even if it's something dumb like a mesh sponge. This time I bought Soap & Glory's Calm One, Calm All (mistakenly I may add since it's actually bubble bath) and Sephora line's Head to Toe Hydrator. Love the Hydrator. I was using this Vaseline Intensive Care lotion and it smells weird and a bit sticky. This one smells nice and sits well on the skin.

I got a new bag from Hanie Hidayah (http://hanzbr.blogspot.com) so I decided to clean out my old bag to transfer into the new one. I'm getting pretty girly in terms of the content of my bag. The rainbow pouch houses my Uphamol (for those splitting headaches. Nothing else works), Clarinese (for blocked nose), Panadol Menstrual (bad cramps), Strepsils (sore throat), small travel size bareMinerals foundation in medium beige and teeny tiny kabuki brush, Body Shop's Shea Lip Butter and Lip Smacker Coca Cola lip roller. My wallet and my iPad of course and the new addition - Sephora's Hydrator!

Essentials on my desk now: lip butter and a different Lip Smacker, fish oil tablets and the lotion.

I stream 107.7 The End at work. It's a Seattle station and sometimes they tend to repeat the same songs over and over again, they generally have good selection. Play a lot of Black Keys and Foo Fighters.

Had horrible stomach ache all night through so I decided to stay off the coffee for the rest of the day. Been drinking green tea.

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