Jan 15, 2012

#Kitteh366 Days 13 & 14

I don't usually go to concerts and live music shows because I am convinced that I have some form of social anxiety disorder. Hence why I work in post production where I stay in my dark cave all day. But last Friday I went for Foster The People live in KL and had the best time so far this year. The last concert I went was Placebo a couple of years ago. Aside from the amount of hipster kids, girls wearing high heels and dressed like they're going clubbing, it was a pretty awesomesauce show. They definitely sound better live.

I should make this my mantra.

The cat's tail was orange. Not a good thing.

I never wanted a dollhouse when I was a little girl. But that's because the dolls back then were kinda not my thing. But the first time I saw the Sylvanian Families set, I fell in love with them. And it's scary to know that I can actually afford these.

The boyfriend and I haven't been to a movie in a long time. We went to watch Sherlock Holmes 2 today. I love him. He's my heart and soul <3

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