Jun 4, 2012

It's building up

It's been awhile since I posted anything of writing on this blog. Here goes.

A couple of days back I woke up with what has only ever been described to me but never experienced it myself as vertigo. Dizziness and the room was spinning. The worst part was driving all the way across the Penchala and Duke highway just to get to work (yeah I work in Ampang now). I thought it would go away after a while but the dizziness persisted till evening.

Since I was in for a long night, i caved in and went to the clinic. I told the doctor what happened and he checked my blood pressure.

Vertigo is usually associated with low blood pressure and loss of blood. While I had my period but low BP was totally not the case.

My blood pressure was 140/90.

According to this chart, that was borderline hypertension and high BP. Please remember that I am 25. But my family has a history of high BP and heart diseases.

Dad scared me into being less stressed when he told me about the pills to control the BP. And he mentioned that I will have to take it for the rest of my life. I'm fine with that if I'm 50 and unhealthy. But I'm 25. Oh god.

I guess thats cue to take it easy.

I need that vacation.

Speaking of which, I am pushing my vacation date to February or march. Kinda need more money. And I'm only gonna try crowd sourcing around my birthday because that seems more legit lol.

Work deadline is getting scarily close and it's freaking me out to no end. I think that's where all the stress is coming from. Ugh god.

My last post was all the instagram photos from May. We moved to the Ampang office. We're clocking in more hours but that's the job. Oh and we have our own cinema in the office. Nyahahahahaha.

Jun 2, 2012

Lunchbox Instagram: Maystagram

Images from May. Food. Birthdays. Moving. New office. New environment. New beginning.