Who Am I, Why I Blog and Other Horror Stories

Inspiration hunter. Recently incredibly consumed by wanderlust. Aspiring supergirl. Future world traveller. 

I can't write. 

Well, that's probably a lie. I probably just can't write the way I used to. Or rather, I write differently than I did before. I will be turning 26 on August 2013. 10 years ago I started blogging under different names, platforms, domains and levels of security until I stopped when I got to college. And then I started working. There wasn't any time for me to blog.

Nowadays, I make time.

I am working on planning my first ever round the world (RTW) adventure with my friend Laila scheduled to start in 2014. Recently realizing how little I know about the world, I am determined to spend the rest of my 20s discovering as much of it as I can rather than sitting at a desk writing reports and going for meetings. I think I have outgrown that part of my life. We're going to be producing our own travel videos, writing, teaching, learning, working and volunteering as we trek through various countries. 

There's a lot of things in life that I like and I love. I make it a point to enjoy every new experiences and new people (but of course, sometimes I can't help but not like it). I'm not at my physical peak - been off the exercise wagon for a while - but I'm trying to work on that. Usually not one for hiking because I can never reach the peak but I try.

I can be extremely happy and fun, but I can also be extremely moody and crabby. I like being around awesome friends and awesome people.

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