Dec 12, 2012

2012 Recap - IN INSTAGRAM!

So because I'm super lazy to elaborate every single detail of 2012, I'll express it by means of Instagram photographs because I can. Be warned, this post is obviously photo heavy.


I broke my laptop

A few months back it started getting harder for me to pull out my laptop charger. I figured some of the rubber melted a little bit and made it sticky.

A couple of nights ago, I think the rubber have completely melted and fused with the inner workings of the laptop. But still I try to pry it out.

... And parts of the inner workings of the laptop was pulled out with it and now I don't think I can charge my laptop -_- or at least I'm too scared to try.

Time to find a shop to get it fixed.

This random update, and pretty much everything else now till I get it fixed will be done on my phone. /sigh