Jan 22, 2012

#Kitteh366 days 18 to 22

In my attempts to save money on the weekdays is to limit my spending for lunch and perhaps dinner. Mom cooks a lot because she knows her daughter is a little piglet. I love my mom's cooking. Even if it's weird lol. That red stuff is sweet and sour fish fingers with meatballs. Yes.

I did a little bit of shopping. I think I kinda deserve it after spending so much on my car that it barely left anything for myself to spend. Bought myself a new pair of shorts, 3 pairs of socks, leggings and some underwear. Oh and tried Garrett's popcorn. It's alright. Expensive as fuck though.

Bought myself a $25 iTunes gift card and got myself some stuff off the store. 2 albums and a few loose tracks. Got Hugo's Old Tyme Religion and Cage The Elephant's Thank You Happy Birthday, Awolnation's "Sail" and "Not Your Fault", Drake's "Headline", and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes' "Home".

Our full standing server rack came the other day so we had to move around some furniture in the server room. This shelf was in there so my boss decided to take it out and put it on the sofa for a while. Adam is the only person small enough to crawl under and lay down on the couch. Kinda looks like an open coffin.

This is the top I'm planning to make as soon as my fabric arrives lol.

Saturday good food lunch.

I spent RM61 on candy. Yep.

Boyfriend and I bought the Playstation Move controllers and two games. INTENSE WORKOUT. We produced more sweat in 10 minutes than we had in like, a few months LOL and I spoiled it all by buying a bag of keropok lekor and a Super Big Gulp #fail

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