Oct 23, 2012

That Serious Case of Wanderlust

Over the weekend, I made a new friend via CouchSurfing. Daniel has been travelling since he was a child and almost a year now, have been away from home. He spent some time in South Korea before moving on to Australia where he worked for a little bit and then explored Indonesia before meeting me here in Kuala Lumpur.

We spent 4 days together where we just chilled out and talked about anything and everything under the sun. I was mainly interested in his travel stories. What he's seen, done, experienced. And for someone who is my age, he's wise beyond his years and it made me realize how little I know about the world. Hell, how little I know about my own backyard. I sucked as a tour guide but it was pretty comforting to know that he didn't expect me to be his tour guide -- he wanted to be a part of my life, and not me being a part of his.

Listening to his stories made me realize how much I want to go out there and see the world. Slowly I begin to understand that humans are just not built to sit at a desk in front of the computer from 9 to 5 for 5 days a week, just to earn money, only to give it to someone else - banks, loans, etc - and not fully enjoying the fruits of our own goddamn labor.

From his stories, I realize that I am suffering from a very severe case of wanderlust.

The thought of backpacking from country to country is scary to me. Simply because I admit, I am attached to my worldly possession. But then I begin to understand that whatever I have now, I can still have it later. If I lose it now, you know, whatever. I can always get it. Because I didn't really need it in the first place.

The thought of just selling off my shit, and keep some essentials and just go from country to country seems a little more appealing now. I don't want to have a car anymore. I don't want to owe money because of my credit card or my car loan or my student loan. I just don't want to have any of that.

One day I'll pack up, sell my shit and just travel the world. Everything comes with sacrifices right? But then again, there are no absolutes.

Thank you for opening my eyes, my mind and my heart :) I can't wait to see the world.

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