Apr 1, 2012

How to be a Big Girl: Setting Goals

I usually suck at setting goals for myself. I have this bad habit of not following through a lot of the things I started because I lost interest. But as I grow older I realized that I should always finish whatever I started regardless on whether or not I lose interest.

Having an iPad means having apps for pretty much anything and I tried Google apps to keep my life goals in check because I think I'm that kind of person -- I need things to be organized for me to follow through. I looked and looked and realized that most goal tracking apps are either business oriented or paid apps (I try not to buy too many iTunes gift cards for myself).

Then I realized the simple reminder app that came with the iPad is good enough.

I try to limit myself to three goals a month. Simply because most of my goals/to-do involves a lot of money. I won't hide the fact that I am in debt at the age of 25. It's mainly my student loan 6 years ago. But that's a story for another entry.

I no longer owe my old university any money after much hardship trying to contact the debt collectors to settle the debt (oh the irony -- can't reach the debt collector to settle a debt they're chasing me for). I start paying my dad off for helping me pay for my UCLA screenwriting class (due to start in June). And I signed up for gym!

I've completed all my goals for April because it's easier and less intimidating if you set it by month rather than the whole year through. I have 1001 goals for the year 2012 but it feels a little dejecting to look at it and have this feeling that you can never ever achieve all the goals.

So the lesson here: it's good to set goals for yourself but never ever go to crazy extreme. A person has their limits and you should never force yourself too much. Slowly, but surely :)

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