Apr 5, 2012

How to be a Big Girl: Being Active

A lot of people still tell me that at age 25 that "you're still young", "you're a child", "you don't have to worry about anything". But with a family health history like mine - blood pressure, heart problems, etc - I think I have causes of concern about my health.

I was never really a gym person. I used to play sports and take up martial arts all throughout my primary, secondary schools and college years but after I left I just swelled up. In my first job I was still alright because I wasn't really required to sit at a desk for long hours. Then the second and this current job I have requires me to sit in front of the computers for long hours.

And because of that, my stamina is completely gone down the drain.

I don't like going to the gym. Mainly because I feel intimidated by the amount of people in conventional gym and more often than not, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do on each machine. And I end up going on the treadmill because I don't know what else I need to do and I don't wanna spend so much money on just walking on a treadmill.

And no I can't afford a personal trainer.

After putting it off for so long, I found out about a women's only gym called Curves around Kota Damansara. At first I didn't really care much about it until I weigh myself recently and realize I am as heavy as my boyfriend and whenever I shop for clothes I get depressed not being able to fit in anything.

Last Saturday, I signed up for Curves in TTDI and it was probably the best thing ever. It's not super hardcore intensive because it does cater a lot more to older women. But some exercise is better than none and Curves is amazingly good for beginners.

I've read so many reviews on the place in other countries and there were bad reviews but they agreed on the same thing - it's a good place to start and if you feel like you need to advance you should leave and find something that suits you.

I personally feel paying RM109 per month isn't that much. Hell, I spend as much eating in less than a week with the same amount of money so I might as well put it into good use.

Curves require you to come in at least 3 times a week. Which is alright since it's only a 30 minute workout. You come in, dump your stuff in a cubby hole and workout. 30 minutes later, you're out.

Curves works in a circuit form where the machines are lined up in a circle and in between the machines are recovery boards where you warm up, slow down your pulse after working one machine and basically, recover. There's always music blaring with a voice of a lady saying "change stations now" every 30 or so seconds. After 10 minutes you're required to check your pulse.

There's a chart mounted on the walls that shows your age and pulse rate. There's an optimum level where fats are burned and more than that you're just burning sugar, essentially burning energy. On my first 2 days there I had a horrible time trying to get my pulse rate down. While all these other little ol ladies are jogging about on the recovery board, I had to stop and take deep breaths because my pulse rate went up till 30 beats in 10 seconds.

I read a lot of Curves trainers are inexperience and downright rude and I feel sorry for those franchises. The ones in TTDI are nothing short of amazing. Very helpful, accommodating, bubbly and very experienced. One of the trainers is a physiotherapist which is good to have.

They currently have 7 branches in KL - TTDI, Kota Damansara, Ampang, USJ, Puchong, Bukit Damansara and Shah Alam. You can find the addresses Here.

Curves might not appeal to everyone, especially those who are more used to intense workout routine. It only has one circuit, it works on resistance - the more you push, the more resistance you'll get - but it's a step in the right direction if you're a total workout newbie like me.

This Sunday I'm going to try out a Zumba Fitness class at Sole To Soul Dance Studio. Many people would say don't force myself especially since I work a full 6 days a week but the only way for me to get myself fit and active is to fill up my otherwise eating non-stop times with sports and other activities. And don't worry, I do have 2 days off working out for my body to rest ;)

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