Mar 28, 2012

#BeObsessed - Win yourself a wardrobe makeover!

Being a girl, you figured it should be hardwired in our minds to be at least somewhat fashionable. Before I actually get to the real point of this post, first and foremost, you might wanna read this till the end if you wanna have your chance to win. NOW let's take a short stroll down memory lane (well from 2009):

 I once wore a jacket that cost me RM1 from a bundle sale. That particular skirt at that date has been with me since 2004. True story.

 My usual everyday wardrobe was (and still is) t-shirt (I still have that tshirt), jeans, sometimes a beanie and a sweater jacket.

And the skirt makes an appearance again! and this time I've paired it with a Cotton On top and a tank top I bought in Singapore a couple of years before.

I wore a dress I bought in 2003 (which I still have) over an FOS t-shirt (which I also still have and wear).

AS YOU CAN VERY WELL SEE, my fashion sense didn't really kick in till much much MUUUUUUCH later like 2012. To be completely honest, it has never been my strong point nor did I actually cared about fashion in the first place. I've had and worn frilly skirts, ripped shirts -- my personal style leaned towards the grunge/punk, Cobain-meets-Vicious -- ripped jeans, school girl skirts, everything and anything off season. I'd wear sweaters during a very, very hot day.

But I know better now. 

Which brings me to my next -- and definitely THE MAIN POINT -- of this post. Working in post production (that's fancy talk to say film editor) -- meaning I hardly ever see daylight, let alone find time to go out to a mall to find clothes.

Zalora Malaysia is the answer to every busy career men and women who have absolutely no time to shop, but would still love to look good. With free shipping, 3 hour delivery on day of order (selected brands) AND 30 day return policy, you can't ask for anything better.

And when I found out about this awesome campaign they're running, I totally jumped on it!

Zalora Malaysia is giving my readers and I a chance to win a freaking awesome wardrobe makeover worth up to RM1500 under their BE OBSESSED campaign. RM1500. EACH. One RM1500 makeover for me, and one RM1500 makeover for YOU. I don't know about you, but I am in DESPERATE need of a pretty sweet wardrobe change.

I'm a pretty simple girl. I fashion myself a workaholic and despite the fact that I don't see daylight as much as I love to, I'd like my wardrobe to be versatile (with just a hint of Sid Vicious, just to stay true to the punk style I grew up with) so I can just go out for a night out in the town - with my man or my girls - the moment I clock out of work. And if I get that RM1500 wardrobe makeover, these are most definitely my picks:




Why I want to win this? As I said before, I don't go out to shop for new clothes that often. But despite the fact I stay in as my job requires me to be, I'd like to be comfortable and I would still like to look good when clients walk in and out because doing what I do, our clients are famous directors, actors and artists - local and international and of course, I have to look my best while at the same time be comfortable and not over the top.


All you have to do is COMMENT on this post as creatively as that amazing grey matter in yer noggin' can possibly come up with in 10 words on WHY YOU DESERVE TO WIN THIS MAKEOVER WITH ME

And then I'll pick THE WINNING COMMENT and send it off to the awesome peeps at Zalora Malaysia. SIMPLE RIGHT? WHO ELSE IS GONNA GIVE YOU THIS AWESOME OPPORTUNITY? (AND remember to leave your email address too so I can get to you if you win ;D)

And the best part: gender be damned -- ANYONE CAN JOIN yes boys this means you too.

The Prizes are:
1st Prize
RM1500 worth of makeover for the blogger + RM1500 worth of makeover for the winning commenter

2nd Prize
RM1000 worth of makeover for the blogger + RM1000 worth of makeover for the winning commenter

3rd Prize
RM500 worth of makeover for the blogger + RM500 worth of makeover for the winning commenter

Holy nyan that's pretty damn sweet, ain't it? But you gotta be fast! You have A WEEK to comment. I need your comments by 7TH APRIL 2012 (FRIDAY) because I need to send the entry and your winning comment by 8th April ;)

Wait what. Don't know what Zalora is? GO EDUCATE YO'SELF FOO'!



  1. I deserve the makeover because I have the perfect body to boot.

  2. I deserve the makeover because I have impeccable taste with no cash in hand.

  3. I deserve to makeover because I need a new wardrobe like you do!

  4. I deserve a makeover because it's 2012 and I don't have new clothes for the apocalypse

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  7. I deserve this makeover because:

    "I'm sick of being seen as "one of the lads"!" =P

    -lailarawwrrrrr XD