Feb 19, 2013

"If you're not impulsive, you'll never get to travel"

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Says my wise colleague, Tasnim.

And I am inclined to think there is some truth to that statement, despite knowing very well how impulsive behaviour can actually be a bad thing. But still, on Monday morning, the first thing I did when I got to the office was book my ticket to Bali, Indonesia, scheduled in June for a week.

I just got back from Bangkok, Thailand a couple of weeks ago and been experiencing some form of post travel blues. I found myself having nothing to talk about after I finished blogging about my Bangkok trip. Which was pretty depressing. And friends tell me that the only way to get over post travel depression is to plan your next one.

Which I did.

Bali isn't exactly somewhere I've always wanted to go up until recently. I swim like a fish but I've never been much of a beach person -- I loved the city too much. But lately the call of the surf has been calling out to me despite never having surfed a wave before in my life. Jordan wanted to take me surfing a few times before but it never took.

Photo originally uploaded on Lonely Planet
I am hoping that this time since I have booked my ticket to Bali, I will make it a point to learn how to surf finally and maybe surf alongside one of my bestest friends in the world.

The ticket was relatively cheap, even for a broke-ass poorfag like me. It was RM122 ($40) from Air Asia under their RM0 promotion. And when there's a ticket for less than RM200, you bloody well take it. Think about expenses later. I am going during the high season, and will be meeting others there but hey, Couchsurf like you mean it right? I'm actually contemplating on packing a tent just in case I get TOO broke and end up not having a place to stay Let's actually not think about that. For now at least.

I have well over 3 months to prepare myself financially and I suppose physically. Hey, I'll be on a beach. I think a pretty decent bikini body is in order.

So hey yeah thanks Air Asia for making me buy your cheap-ass tickets and regret it probably when I get home from the trip.

Purchasing flight ticket is slowly becoming addictive. Today I found myself dangerously close to buying a ticket to Vietnam for my birthday, but my low bank balance pulled me away from such trap.

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