Jan 25, 2013


Sascha and I never spent more than 12 hours together each time he's here in KL. He contacted a bunch of people on CouchSurfing in December hoping for an answer on a host or even someone to kill time with. I replied saying I'm good to hang out.

So one December day, I decided to meet up with a complete stranger I've met on the internet - possibly getting lectured by friends about how much I'm disregarding my own personal safety by doing this - but not knowing the friendship we soon developed.

Sascha is a big brother type. From the moment we met, he picked on me non-stop like a big brother would to his little sister. He is 9 years older than I am, so I suppose it comes with the territory. 

The first day he was in KL, we spent the whole day together before he heads off to Borneo the next day. After Borneo, he came back to KL and we spent another day together before he left for Bali. Yesterday he came back, we spent some time together before he goes back to his base in Germany -- with his flight to Dubai to connect to Germany being delayed unfortunately.

At 35 years old, Sascha says he's "retired". He spends his days travelling. He made a joke about how he's so close to the typical "mid-life crisis" age. Dr. Drew once said that mid life crisis is a weak cop out by men to act out. Sascha figures he's already been acting out for a while by quitting his job and just travel the world. He strikes me as an intelligent individual, definitely a special friend to have around. A little on the deadpan side but he has a strange and interesting brand of humor. 

Now he's at the airport to board his flight. I drove him to the airport despite the fact that it costs me quite a bit of money and time. I didn't mind. I wanted to spend even a couple of hours with him. We had breakfast together and just hung out before I had to leave for work. 

I don't know when I'll be seeing him again. And I don't know where I'll be seeing him again. He said his next round of trip will be Africa. But he might come back to this neck of the woods in the future. Or maybe I head to wherever he is. 

Sascha is definitely a friend I want to keep in touch with for a long time. I love his company. And maybe spend more than 12 hours together for once. 

I miss the traveller friends I made through CouchSurfing. Saying goodbye is pretty hard, despite only spending time with them at the most 4 days. I guess it's the bond we've created in such a short span of time. I hate to think we'll never see each other again. But the world is small, the possibility of meeting is there :)

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