Sep 24, 2012

I Went Out Today.

Today is the first time I actually went out to the world after Jordan left for Hong Kong. For a moment, I did enjoy myself.

But there was a little part of me that was empty and as a result of that, I pulled away from the crowd and sat at the corner. It's no one's fault. It wasn't even because of the gig.

When you've been inseparable for the longest time, and when you finish each other's sentences and work the best together, when one goes away even for a short while, it's probably close to losing a limb. A part of you goes on hiatus.

I can still talk to him and hear his voice. But I miss the hugs and him holding my hand. I miss him being weird next to me, and not over Skype, miles away.

He is my rock, my security blanket and my knight. It's been one week, I have 2 months and 3 weeks left till I see him again. I haven't cried since he left... Until now.

I miss you. You have no idea.

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