Apr 20, 2012

You're Fit But My Gosh Don't You Know It: Introduction!

I am introducing a new section to this blog dedicated to my journey to being a fitter and healthier me (and yes it's a song title by The Streets as well) ! As you all know, a little less than 20 days ago, I joined an all women's fitness franchise called Curves. Up to this morning, I have visited Curves 11 times - you're supposed to go at least 3 times a week, 12 times a month - and for shits and giggles, I decided to weigh myself about a week ahead from my next weigh in.

While my weight maintained, the trainer pulled out this nifty little machine that tells you your BMI and your body fat percentage and mine had actually gone down by 2%. And apparently, that is pretty fast for someone who hasn't been active in well over 2 years.

I'm a lazy person. Like, real lazy. I actually rather sit in front of the TV and eat myself into oblivion because I'm just that lazy. But it didn't really work when I like to play dress up once in a while. And you can't really play dress up when you feel like a ship. Trust me, it took a hell lot of motivation and willpower to get off my ass and sign up for the gym because I hate jogging and brisk walking and my knees aren't strong enough for running.

saw this on Pinterest and I just had to post this here

Before I actually signed up for the gym, I actually spent quite a bit to put together a proper training gear. I had gone out and bought a new pair of Adidas training pants and a Nike sports bra. And soon after that I replaced my rather tight Power shoes with a new Nike shoes (I bought from Zalora with some in store voucher I had earned when I found out my previous purchase had run out). I was all set.

I signed up and started right away. Most mornings I will be at Curves TTDI. 

But of course, eating better also helps. Let's face it: I'm Asian and I cannot go through a day without rice. Many times before that I tried to completely cut rice out of my diet, eat twice a month or once a week when I didn't realize it could be as simple as having it just once a day. And my rice dish is always during lunch because I need fuel to power through the rest of the day. When I'm home for dinner, I will cook. At least I know what goes in my food.

I hardly eat out now in a week. Maybe once or twice when I'm really exhausted. Otherwise it would just be homecooked meals by mom or myself.

Of course, having an iPad makes it much easier to count my calorie intake. I recently downloaded the MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker app. MFP is like a social network or community of people who want to lose weight, get fit and feel better about themselves. And it is a big motivation when your friends are trying to lose weight with you! I got two of my colleagues to get on the community (and Curves) as well!

MyFitnessPal has so far been the only calorie counter app I've come across that has entries for Malaysian food from nasi lemak to ayam masak merah. I can't say it's 100% accurate but it does come close. On the iPad app which I have you can keep track of your food, your exercise and weight. If you add friends via the community, you can keep track of their progress and motivate and be motivated by them!

Food Diary

Food Details

Your Friends

Progress Chart

When you start up the app for the first time, it will ask you for your health profile and calculate the amount of calories you should take a day. If you add in your exercise routine, it will add on your allowance calories for the day. Admittedly I have failed for two days, today worst than yesterday. But I realized that I drink more water lately than I did before simply because there's a water intake button at the bottom that you press as you drink glass after glass of water a day.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I tried a Zumba class and it was incredibly intense and I love it. Sadly because of financial circumstances and as well as not having the right dancing shoes for it (running shoes and some training shoes are definitely NOT good for dancing as it becomes hard to twist, turn and pivot as the workout requires. You might injure yourself badly), I won't be joining any time soon. Such a bummer really. But I guess it's the universe's way of telling me to SLOW THE HELL DOWN.

I'm starting to realize that I actually like going to gym. Particularly this gym. The ladies there are so friendly it's almost unbelievable. The trainers are also very motivating. One of them has 4 kids and is in GREAT shape.

Time to hit the hay as tomorrow is another workout day! Be healthy and happy people!

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