Feb 27, 2012

The Idiot Box: An Introduction to My Current Favorite Television Series

I watch a lot of TV. Which is no surprise considering most of my generation was raised on TV. You can also say television is in my blood. My father used to be a producer at a local television station and was also a sports newscaster on the local 8PM news when I was a little girl. I remember the days where I turn on the news at 8PM and wait till the sports news to come on so I could see my Dad.

My sisters used to be in a kids' school holiday variety show. I didn't feel comfortable being in front of the camera so I always stayed in the control room while they were shooting. I felt more in place in the control room than I do in front of the camera.

Which brings me to today, at the age of 24 and 1/2, I sit in front of the computer, behind the scenes of films, documentaries and television programmes. I don't even fancy going on set.

I never had any interest in local television shows. Sad, because I wish I could be more supportive of the industry I'm slaving for but as far as stories and acting goes, nothing beats the list I'm about to present to you. And because I'm super awesome (mainly because I have nothing better to do) I'm going to list it down according to days.

I have a TV show for every day of the week. Of course timezones being what it is, the shows are a day later over here.

AMC's The Walking Dead

I love zombies more than any mythical/fictional creature in literary history. Though I've never read the original comics, I enjoy this series. I'm pretty sure The Walking Dead is famous enough that people know what the story is about -- but if you've seen/read/heard of a zombie story, it's pretty much the same throughout. It's a story about a bunch of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, heading to anywhere they feel is safe.

Despite the fact I watch this show every week without fail, it does irritate me sometimes. And not because there's not enough zombie killing, mind you. It's more on some of the characters. But then again, that's what makes them all human in the first place. How the events that took place around them shape them as individuals, and as a family and how the same events break them. It's probably the most likely scenario if a zombie apocalypse were to actually happen.

Which it will. I assure you. It will.

Showtime's Californication

Hollywood -- the land where dreams come true. Californication has been around for quite sometime already and currently it's at its 5th season. It follows the misadventures and mayhem of author, screenwriter, father, sex addict and alcoholic Hank Moody (played by David Duchovny) and his struggle to keep his shit together.

Sometimes, it's like watching soft porn. A lot of tits in an episode. 

Although deep in my mind I know that no one could be as such a big fuck up like Hank, sometimes you kinda feel for him. Sometimes you're rooting for him, sometimes you think he's a dumbass. Hank is like that best friend you keep watching fucking up over and over again but he tries very hard to keep it together and that's what makes him special.

Showtime's Shameless

"Meet the Gallaghers. Absolutely, Wildly, Unapologetically Shameless"

Shameless (US) is the American adaptation of the UK TV series of the same name. The storyline is pretty much the same including the names of the characters but the creators have adapted it to a more American lifestyle in order for Americans to relate better -- and because the Cockney accent is barely legit English.

Shameless follows the Gallagher family. They're poor as shit, but they keep it together. The father, Frank Gallagher is a useless, no good, con man who is never there for his kids and left his eldest daughter Fiona to take care of her 5 younger siblings. The Gallaghers cope quite calmly and systematically with their situation. And because they've been poor for most of their lives, they began developing mad insane survival skills. Stealing, conning, rationing. They'll do whatever it takes to stay up and stay together.

And Lip Gallagher is hot. He's not really handsome, but he's crazy smart. Mmmm.


Castle to me is what chick TV shows are to, well, chicks. Or rather how CSI and 24 is to a lot of people. Each episode of the series uses the same formula, much like a lot of crime series. You can pretty much shut your brain off and just enjoy the show.

New Girl

My girly guilty pleasure. I love Zooey. She's super adorable. I know a lot of people can't stand her because she talks like a stoner sometimes (yes I admit that she does) and overdo the whole quirky vintage loving girl thing as SNL has portrayed many times before, but it's just one of those shows where you just shut your brain off and enjoy the shit out of it. Laugh at its stupid jokes because you shouldn't take everything too seriously.

Jane By Design

Wednesday is definitely my girly day. And this one appeals to the secret fashion loving side of me. Despite being non-fashionable on a daily basis myself given my career of staying in the office most of the time, I like looking at people wearing pretty things. I like Jane By Design for its sheer cuteness. High school girl making a career in high fashion at one of the biggest fashion houses in the city. Very unlikely in the real world, but it makes for a highly entertaining, d'aww worthy television series.

Criminal Minds

I've been following Criminal Minds since the first season and it's currently on its 7th season. Again, it has the same formula as most crime series out there but what strike me most about this show is the psychological angle they played on. I've always had a certain interest when it comes to how the human brain works and how the criminal brain operates. 

After 7 seasons, they're still one of my favorite television shows of all time.

FX's Archer

If you're not watching Archer, you're incredibly lame. Seriously. What are you thinking. Archer is possibly the worst, most asshole, chauvinistic, man whore of a secret agent who can't very well keep a secret. BUT HE'S FUCKING HILARIOUS. And no you can't describe Archer without using a few profanities here and there and possibly everywhere.

Watch Archer. It's amazing. Do it.

The Firm

I've never watched the film or read the novel but I found myself being really into The Firm. I need to catch up with it though. I ran out of iTunes credit to get it. But since AXN has started showing it I guess I could catch it on TV instead. I like how the show is not as draggy as I thought it would be. And oh Josh Lucas those blue eyes. He's how I expect Ryan Gosling to look like when he gets a little older ahaha.


CBS's Blue Bloods

When Blue Bloods first premiered on Astro (I think it was AXN), I decided to randomly catch it. Second season on, I still watch it, and I still enjoy it. Fictional as it may be, it's nice to see a family of crime fighters come together as a unit after a long week cleaning up the streets of New York. It's the family bit that got me hooked, more than the crime bit. Because sometimes I wish I could have been as close to my family as the Reagans are to each other.


Grimm was a recent addition to my weekly TV roster. I find it interesting how they took something like the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale series and made a Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Castle kind of series. The writers incorporate fairy tales written by the Grimm Brothers or other folk tales into homicide cases. Nick, a local detective, who is also a descendent of a sort of "slayer" clan called the Grimm, whose sole purpose in the world is to exterminate bad Vesens - creatures that correspond with the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales -- the wolf, the pig, the mouse, the snake, etc.

Sunday is usually my SNL or random show on the TV day more than anything.

Phew! Wow. That's actually a long list of shows, I'm almost surprised. Then again it's one show per day of the week so it tends to be long.

Till next time! :D

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