Jan 8, 2012

#Kitteh366 days 7 & 8

I like drinking diet coke. Well at least I used to until my best friend told me about aspartame. A chemical that in the long run would turn into ethanol in your body. Not the kind that makes you happy and giddy, but the kind that would give you migraines and cause blindness. No wonder my headaches have been increasing. Sticking to normal Coke now.

I have been together with my boyfriend for a year. We've worked in the edit suite together but I have never once gone out on shoot with him. I think it's mainly because we don't have our own cameras. We managed to score two cameras and went out shooting till 2AM. It's because of our careers we got to know each other, and I think this is how it's gonna be for a long long time - bound by our passion.

Our cat got into a fight and scratched his nose. Since then he's been indoors and sleeping. I think he lost the fight. His ego got bruised.

We went out shooting today for Hunny Madu's Out There music video. Mainly pick up shots on top of what we have currently. It's 10PM but I'm fucking exhausted. I shall doze off soon. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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