Dec 20, 2011

That feeling of growing up.

As the year comes to a close, I find myself to be planning for my future. Normally I wouldn't really care much about it and just let the day pass by as how it should.

But this time around, this month especially, I'm beginning to realize that I'm actually getting older and will have more responsibilities under my belt. I am in a steady relationship that is heading towards marriage, I've gotten myself another raise which makes me a little more into becoming a taxpayer.

Next year may just whiz by like this year did. As you get older, my boss said, the days pass by quicker and it's true and i am in fact feeling it.

Right at this point I can't think about anything other than making money and saving up for marriage. I'm of age, and the boyfriend wants it too. Bless my family for not wanting an incredibly traditional setup but just enough do we don't have to spend that much money anyway

Growing up scared me. It still does but I think now I'm a little but more ready than I was last year

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