Nov 29, 2011

I need to get used to this again.

Once upon a time I used to blog about 8 times in one fucking day back when I was using Livejournal. It's either I have a lot of time in my hands and a lot of stories to tell, or a lot of time in my hands but just decided to post something random (there was no twitter back then you see, so Livejournal was the best choice of following people), or I was sad or depressed about something.

Nowadays it's pretty difficult to keep posting everyday when you're busy about 6 days a week, working almost 10 to 12 hours a day (yes I work that long and no I'm not in a factory. At least not in the most traditional sense). I would draw a comic to dictate my whole day but halfway through I will decide that I'm just too lazy for this.

But people have short attention span. So even if I post this entry, no one will really read it because, well, I have no time and camera to be picture oriented. Otherwise I suppose I could use my iPad because my Blackberry camera is crap. Not that my iPad camera isn't crap. I need a new compact camera.

I salute people who could do this every single day. It's hard, and I know it.

But it's okay, I don't have an audience anyway.

So now, I will leave you with a picture of a cat I found on the interwebs. ENJOYZ.

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