Feb 7, 2013

You know that week where I disappeared to Bangkok...(Day 1)

A 36L and a cheap backpack -
my crap of the week
DAY 1 - 30th January 2013
So when I got that ticket to Bangkok I wasn't really thinking all that straight. Yeah, RM280+ for a return ticket why the fuck not right? But what I didn't think about was the money I was gonna spend there - what with the new job and a prorated paycheck.

But whatever. I'll figure it out. So I packed my bags and with the charity from family, I set off for the unfamiliar.

I gotta admit though - the excitement as the days drew closer killed me. My flight was at 1PM but I grabbed the 9AM bus to LCCT. Which was actually a good plan considering how late the bus arrived at the stop.

You have no idea how retarded
I looked smiling when I crossed
this sign.
Being a first time Air Asia flyer (and a first time flyer in 10 years), I don't quite remember the whole checking in procedure that I actually texted around and asked. Yes. I did that. So hah. I mosey on in to the departure hall and waited to board my plane pretty goddamn early. And true to the Air Asia reputation, the plane was about 40 minutes late to begin boarding. At this point I was nervous as hell.

But two hours and a cramped, bumpy plane right later, I was in the land of smiles and traded in my city for a foreign one for a week.

The papaya salad from hell and some
delicious roadside padthai.
Getting connected to Jeff was easy. Got myself a sim and immediately contacted him to figure out how to get to his place. My sister warned me that taxi drivers in Thailand don't exactly read much romanized letters, so I was beginning to feel a little nervous. But the airport had a service where they write down the name of the address you need to go in Thai and passes it to the taxi driver. Not too long, I was making my way into Sathon.

Vina and I!
First thing's first of course, was food. I was starving since the only thing I had to eat that day was Tasnim's pasta. Jeff brought me out to the street vendors near his apartment and got me some papaya salad and padthai. Needless to say, I'm not use to the Thai brand of spicy. I wasn't sure if it was the heat or that papaya salad actually did pack a mean punch.

Tribal Tattoos  Exhibition
Jeff had already planned something for the night - a gallery closing party. I freshened up and put on one of the two dresses I brought with me on the trip, thinking it might come in handy - which it did. We got into a cab and headed for the train station to meet up with his friends before heading to a bar.
Catherine, Jeff and Vina

This was the first time I went on a motorcycle taxi and I swear to god it scared the bejeezus out of me. Especially when you have absolutely no idea where you're going.

Late night munchies
A couple of drinks to start the night off, I met Vina, who happens to be one of Angelo's good friends when they were in China. Talk about small world, it was crazy. The rest of the night consisted of heading to the rooftop gallery for the closing ceremony of a photography exhibition on tribal tattoos and a late night meal of spicy and sweet. After a pretty long day, I crawled under the covers and past out for the night.

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