Feb 10, 2013

The time where it took 3 hours to get breakfast (Day 5)

I let myself sleep in a little on Sunday because I didn't have anything planned for the day except for checking into the hostel at 2PM. I think I woke up around 10 and just sat on the mattress staring into space/checking my phone/reading my book. I packed my backpack the night before so I wouldn't have to dig into it again and wake Jeff up with the rustling of the compression plastic.

Took a shower. Eventually Jeff woke up and asked if I wanted to get breakfast. He called up Ja and we agreed to meet up later at Sukhumvit. Well, it wasn't really breakfast -- given the time it's pretty much considered brunch.

Outside Gastro
We left home and headed to Etz Hostel first at Soi Ngamduphli so I can just dump my bags and check in a little earlier. I didn't get my key of course since check in time was 2PM, but they let me leave my bags while I get me some grub. Nearby was Lumphini MRT so we hopped onto that and headed to Sukhumvit.

We walked a bit - and by a bit, it was a good 30 minute walk (I think) - until we got ourselves onto Sukhumvit Soi 22 to this little hole-in-the-wall cafe called Gastro 1/6 that apparently only served breakfast. I looked at the menu and while it was on the pricey side, I was okay with it since it is my last meal with Jeff and Ja while I'm in Bangkok and it was a nice place and we did walk quite a bit and I was starving. That's a lot of 'ands' in one sentence.

Jeff's coffee
It's a small place attached to an art gallery called RMA (if I remember correctly). I found a lot of pretty interesting cafes and restaurants in Bangkok that were nice and quaint but didn't really go in to because I did have a budget to keep to (which I totally busted), but will definitely go to at some point in the future.

We placed our orders and I was excited at the prospect of a big breakfast. So we waited for our order.

And we waited.

Waited a little bit more.

They did only have like 2 cooks and one server manning the whole place and it was a full house that day.

3 hours later, we got our breakfast. Well, I did. It was already lunchtime so I decided to just dig in before I start eating the table. The thought actually crossed my mind when we reached the 2-hour mark. Good thing it was a pretty good breakfast. Lunch. Thing.

After breakfast/brunch/lunch/FOOD, we headed back to the train station and we parted ways. I headed back to Lumphini to get my key and settle in.

Hostel friends!
I went up to the rooftop soon after to chill out and there were a few people there. Not surprisingly, I was the token Asian - well specifically Southeast Asian since the only other Asians there were Koreans - amongst a group of white people. I felt a little awkward to speak to them at first, since everyone seems to be talking about their recent travels to Cambodia/Myanmar/Vietnam/Laos/Nepal/wherever and here I am a first time traveller. I didn't have a story.

But I guess being Malaysian was actually kinda interesting to them because somehow they have this notion that, Malaysia being a Muslim country, it was pretty strict.

We all became friends, and the conversation carried on way into the night.

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